Tyler Owen

Tyler Owen was born in New Orleans, Louisiana; son of Tony and Simone Owen. He spent most of his life, from age 3, growing up in central Mississippi, chasing whitetails and bass fishing near Kosciusko, MS. He credits his father, Tony Owen, for teaching him what he needed to know to harvest the wildlife he pursues. Tyler discovered a quick love for archery hunting at 11 years old, and by 15yrs old, he started filming most of his hunts. In early 2016, Tyler and Chase Harris started Southern Attraction Outdoors after getting their feet wet for the past few years with other companies in the outdoor industry. Tyler currently lives in Madison, MS, is a graduate of Mississippi State University as an Electrical Engineer, and is married to Meredith Rushing of Winona, MS.


Chase Harris

Chase Harris was born in Steens, Mississippi. Spending time in the outdoors was a way of life in Steens, where his Dad introduced him to hunting at age 5. Throughout high school, Chase began filming and taking photos in the outdoors. He graduated from Mississippi State University as an Agricultural Engineer. He and Tyler founded SAO to purse not only their passion for the outdoors, but for others and for them to join the SAO family.


Dewayne Atkinson


Dewayne Atkinson grew up in Singleton, Mississippi. At an early age his father instilled the passion for the outdoors in him. Growing up, they would hunt wherever they could find land from the sloughs of the Yockanookany River swamps to the Pine Plantation of central Mississippi. He married his high school sweetheart Loren Stewart from Magee, MS. They have 3 children - Rowan, Ruston, and Adalyn. Now, as their father, it’s his turn to instill what his father instilled in him - the passion for Jesus Christ and the great outdoors. 


Tyler Beaty

Born in New Albany, MS, Tyler's passion for the outdoors was set in stone at the age of 6 when his dad and uncle introduced him to hunting. That year, he killed his first deer and turkey. Later in his teenage years, he started bow hunting and fell in love with the adrenaline rush involved with being so close to the game. Tyler is thankful for the opportunity to became a member of the SAO brotherhood in 2017 and to get to share the passion we all have for the outdoors with all of you.


Josh Mills

Josh was born in Oxford, MS and was raised on a farm just south of Oxford in Paris, MS. On the farm, he learned how to hunt and fish, traveling to Charleston to duck hunt at the camp with his dad and grandad. His dad taught him the basics of being an outdoorsman and he's been hunting the public land every since he was able to drive. Hunting these highly pressured areas is where he got most of his skills from and earned him the nickname “Pro” from his close friends. Josh currently lives in Paris, MS, and is married to Amanda Hinton of Argos, Indiana.


Eric Lee

Eric grew up in a small town in south Georgia by the name of Tifton, GA. From a young age, he was always in the woods with either his older brother or their father. He enjoys every hunting season but nothing beats spring time gobblers and a November rut. In his recent years he has grown a love for photography and has developed an eye for the perfect shot. Eric is a graduate from Auburn University where he studied Agronomy and Soils at Auburn University.


Colby Allen

Colby was born and raised in central Mississippi. By the time he could walk, Colby was introduced to the outdoors by fishing the banks of the Big Black River with his grandfather and father. As he got older, he was introduced to deer hunting and harvested his first deer at the age of 6. At 8yrs old, Colby began shooting a bow and was able to harvest his first deer and completed a single season grand slam at 11yrs old. Although Colby is only 15yrs old, he's eager to learn and share the information he has learned with his peers.


Dalton Hall


Cody McAnally

Born in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma & raised in Lexington, Oklahoma. Cody started hunting at the age of 8 and it didn’t take him long to fall head over heels for the outdoors. Cody is currently married to Amber who he has groomed into a seasoned bow hunter. They have two kids, Jace and Makiah, who spend as much time outdoors feeding the deer and turkeys or taking care of the farm as their parents. Cody enjoys scouting and setting up new properties and coming in on the back end showing new hunters how to tend and keep the property up to keep their success rate at seeing and harvesting wildlife at its peak. He is truly grateful of our Lord and Savior’s blessings throughout his life & hopes to reach as many followers as he can to spread the good word through fellowship in the great outdoors.


Jordan Cox